At VFIS, we have made it a point to provide our clients with quality risk control programs and materials. These products focus on educating and training emergency service personnel with the goal of preventing or reducing personal injuries and death as well as property damages. The VFIS products are specifically tailored to the unique circumstances involved in delivering emergency services.

Feel free to browse our store using the Categories Menu on the left or the Product Finder link above. To find a specific product, search for it by entering the product number or part of the product name using the Search tool in the header to the right; this tool is available on most all pages on the site. For a more advanced search, click on the link by the same name above Advanced Search.

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Attention VFIS Clients

As a client, we ask that you set up a User Name and Password to see special client pricing. Please note: You will not see special pricing when completing your very first order because the account will need to be verified, but rest assured it will be adjusted to client pricing before being processed.

One copy of most of our products is made available at no cost to VFIS clients as part of your risk control program. Participating products are marked with a Complimentary Copy link that will be displayed next to the product price. Our clients are provided one complimentary copy per organization while additional copies are available for purchase. All others can order most of our products at the prices listed on this web site. Some products are made available only to VFIS clients. Please note that qualification for first-copy, no-charge products will be verified before the products ship.